Orquestra de Sopros do Conservatório Regional de Palmela

Conductor: Mário Carolino

Conservatório Regional de Palmela was founded in the academic year 2001-2002 by Sociedade Filarmónica Humanitária, with the purpose of providing young people with specialized training in the music field with official certification. Currently, it has 420 students in the Initiation, Basic and Secondary music courses and, in parallel, it provides music teaching within Curricular Enrichment Activities in schools of the 1st Cycle of Basic Education, as well as music workshops in the context of Family Support Activities in Pre-School Education, reaching a total of 1.200 students. In a region of strong musical tradition, this Conservatório plays an essential role in the music education field throughout the county of Palmela, developing its activity with a strong sense of responsibility, given the significant number of students involved in this project. The practices of chamber music and ensemble assume a crucial importance in all the Educational Project of Conservatório Regional de Palmela: several instrumental and vocal formations have represented the Conservatoryall through the country, including the Wind Orchestra, the String Orchestra, the Jazz Orchestra, the Chamber Choir, the Female Choir, the Beginners’ Choir, and several instrument ensembles.

Friday, 13 July*

Auditório da Sociedade Filarmónica Humanitária (Palmela), 21h30


S. Konagaya (1949) - Grand March

J. de Meij (1953-), P. Lavander (arr.) - The Lord of the Rings

S. Reineke (1970) - Pilatos - Mountain of Dragons

J. Salgueiro (1969) - Cerimonial Stereo

P. Graham (1958-) - Gaelforce

*joint-concert com Bromley Youth Concert Band (England)

Participants List

Julianstown Youth Orchestra (Ireland)
Camerata da Academia de Música de Lisboa
Xavier College Choir and String Orchestra (Australia)
Trio Adamastor (Portugal)
Sudbury Youth Orchestra (Canada)
Orquesta Infantil Promúsica de Málaga (Espanha)
Zurich Youth Choir (Switzerland)
Orquestra Os Violinhos
North Stars Chamber Orchestra (United States)
Kiryat Tivon Youth Orchestra (Israel)